Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Reasons which make Marshalls one of the best wallpaper suppliers in India

Modern interior design industry has seen rise of many companies providing amazing décor materials for a posh and premium look of the required space. Among these companies, one name that has gained a huge reputation among clienteles and projects is Marshalls. One of India’s biggest Wallpapers manufacturers is the favourite of interior designers looking for the best wallpapers to stylize a space.

There are a lot of reasons which provides such a high reputation to Marshalls as one of the premium wallpaper suppliers in India.

Years of expertise 

Marshalls has been in the wallpaper manufacturing industry for years. They have worked on several projects to understand the need of clients dealing in various types of establishments which require wallpapers for their interiors.

Constant research 

Constant research is the key of Marshalls success. They have been one of the forefront entities in the market to learn about décor process from international companies and then adapt them in Indian scenarios. This makes their products highly advanced.

Online presence 

With time, Marshalls understood the value of online presence. Today, their products and be browsed, selected and ordered from their website without going through the burden of running from a shop to another looking for the perfect material that will make in interiors look premium.

Following international guidelines 

Marshalls follows all the international guidelines to make sure that their wallpapers are safe and free from any kind of harm inducing factors. These wallpapers are fire resistant and don’t use any material that would release toxic residues.

Marshalls works with some of the best designers and experts in the industry. You can choose from 3D wallpapers, nature wallpapers, striped wallpaper, animal print wallpapers and a lot from their website. Their continuous efforts have won them many awards and accolades for quality products and service.

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